User Object plugin VS Gha plugin

Which kind of plugin is best GHA type or User object type plugin. I heard that even Ladybug is user object type plugin using python. Any update I raised question because planning to create plugin for grasshopper


The .gha is a compiled plugin that allows you to use the entire Grasshopper framework (make custom attributes and many other things) using an IDE like Visual Studio. If you need to use classes or shared objects between different components, or custom parameters and types, or add menu options o custom attributes or interaction, or widgets or out-of-standard-component stuffs, you can only do it with this.

The .ghuser are portable and one does not need to have a plugin installed to use a definition that contains them. You do them directly in GH but with its limitations. Instead of having a single file of your plugin, each component is a file. It is more handmade since you have to keep your development system organized, reusable, clean, deal with the versions etc.

If you want to make snippets quickly, you can do it with clusters very quickly and decently if you follow good practices (include the parameters with their description, name, etc). But if you have enough experience programming, I recommend .gha without any doubt.