Turning definition into plugin


I am very new to grasshopper. I have a definition that is I want to make a plugin out of and I was wondering, is there a way to convert a definition into a plugin without having to deal with coding?

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Unfortunate. Thank you for the fast reply.

From the end user’s perspective, I think there’s often not a huge difference between a compiled plugin and a collection of user objects. I believe there are some very popular add-ons on Food4Rhino which are distributed as collections of ghuser objects.

For converting gh definitions into Rhino commands there is also this:

And, additionally, you can also use the Rhino 7 Script Compiler to turn Grasshopper files into plug-ins. So, I would rather answer the question with “yes”.


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C:\Program Files\Rhino 7\System\RhinoScriptCompiler.exe

But, if I understand correctly this creates a rhino plugin. Isn’t having inputs in the definition that would be given with sliders cause problems for a rhino plugin?

Hi -

Not if you modify the graph so that it can be used with the GrasshopperPlayer command, i.e., you need to exchange the slider components with a Get Integer or Get Number component, put a Context Bake at the end, and possibly use other Get … components to have users select geometry as input to the graph.

You can also place the Get Integer and Get Number components after a slider without completely removing the slider. This lets you experiment with values while running inside of grasshopper, but also allows for the user inputting numbers while running as a command.