User Arrow Type for thicker Tick

The default tick is too thin to fit with the architectural drafting standards I need to match. I need one about twice as thick as the default.

Choosing “user” in the arrow flyout menu offers a list of the blocks available in the drawing, but I’m not sure how to create a Tick block which will maintain the consistent thickness I am after relative to the overall line thickness of the other elements when that overall thickness is set by Layer for a Dimension .

Hello - you can make a block for this yourself and it will show up as an option - you’d probably want to do this ina template file so it will just be there in the future - I’ll see if I can make a useful example.

HatchTick.3dm (35.2 KB)


Thanks, Pascal. That’s workable, but it’d be ideal if the user could change the thickness and length of such an element independently of one another.