Line width with sharp corners


is there a way to set a line width so, that the cornes will not be rounded when i use thick line?

In the image on the left side i use line width to set the thickness and on the right i use offset with hatch. The plans and diagramms would look so much nicer if the cornes would not be rounded :slight_smile:

and of course the big difference is when i would use dashed lines

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Hi Jakub - as far as I know, no, there is no way to do that currently.


thanks pascal,
do you think it could be a part of rhino 6?

There is something like this in autocad, it is called global width. Basically you set the thickness of the line in your units.

If this option would be added, it would simplify my workflow, because i wouldn’t have to use Illustrator or autocad at all :slight_smile:
And the drawings would look so much better.

Hi Jakub - I don’t know if there are plans for this - I can add it to the pile. My guess is this is not currently in the works since it requires at least some UI to determine where to cut off the miters - at what angle - just a guess that this complication simply moved it to the back burner until someone complained… which has now happened! In any case, I’ll out it on the heap.


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