Wish: Radius Dim Style


would it be possible to use the Leader arrows settings instead of the Dimension arrows setting for radial dimensions (or is this already possible and I am not finding the setting)? Or even better, would it be possible to have additional setting options for the different dimension types? e.g. Radius dimension arrows, Angle dimension arrows, etc.

Please see the attached image. The Tick on the lower circle makes no sense (at least in the countries we are working in :wink: ).

In architectural drawing you would want to use the Tick symbol for linear dimension lines and the Arrow or Dot for radial and other dimensions. Currently I have to setup two different styles.


Hi Silvano
Rhino Options , Document Properties , Annotation , Dimension and set the Arrow type like the attached picture
Ciao Vittorip

Thanks Vittorio for the screenshot and tip!

What I am looking for, is to have arrows for radial dimensions and ticks for linear dimensions within the same dim style. Unfortunately this is not the case with the settings you suggest.

My wish is for more finely grained settings for the different dimensioning types (radial, linear, ordinal etc. ) in Rhino.


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