Use Visual Studio for Mac with Rhino for Mac

Visual Studio for Mac is no longer in beta…

We are currently using it for Rhino for Mac development and - if you are a RhinoCommon developer targeting Rhino for Mac - we suggest you move from Xamarin Studio to Visual Studio for Mac too.

We have updated the RhinoCommon AddIn - they are called “Extensions” now - so you can debug your plugins in Rhino from Visual Studio.

We’ve also updated the Installing Tools (Mac) guide. If you are familiar with Xamarin Studio, you should feel right at home.

Thanks Dan, this is terrific.

Quick question. As long as the RhinoCommon extension is installed, it appears that any VS for Mac project referencing a RhinoCommon.dll will have its output changed from *.dll to *.rhp – even if the project is a generic class library. Is this behavior intended? And is there a way to change it?



That’s not ideal, is it? Logged in RH-40426.

In the meantime, you could create an After Build event (Project > Project Options > Custom Commands) that renames it back…

mv ${TargetFile}.${TargetExt} ${TargetFile}.dll

Not very clean, I know. We’ll look into this.

Thanks Dan – just what I’m doing. Requires separate Windows/Mac project files (or some bash/cmd shenanigans), but totally workable :slight_smile:

FYI: The latest RhinoCommon Visual Studio for Mac extension is much better at handling this situation. Now, when you switch from Rhino Plugin to Library, the extension changes as well.

Hi dan,
I am using the latest . Target file variable is file.dll and target extension is .dll already, but I am still getting the file.rhp . So now I am now using:

cp ${TargetDir}/${ProjectName}.rhp ${TargetDir}/${ProjectName}.dll