Use Rhino (educational) license as employee

Again with my “cheap user” questions.
If I become employed (under contract so NO freelancing), can I use MY Rhino (edu) license in the computer assigned to me (not owned, leased, etc.) by employer?
The compliance with the rule that it would not be used by anybody else other on two computers simultaneously is out of the question.

I believe it depends how you use rhino, and if your new employer has Rhino license(s).

If he uses your edu licenses to profit from your work. Then you should buy commercial license

Rhino EDU licenses are allowed to be used for commercial purposes.
I don’t know if the “owner” of the computer, as the user will be me and the commercial purpose is “similar” as if I were freelancing, makes a difference or not.

I do not think freelancing should qualify as edu, but hey, what do I know. It’s McNeel.

From the McNeel website.

*Commercial software for education

Unlike other software companies, we provide commercial versions of our products to students, faculty, and schools at a substantial discount. Details include:

  • The same features as the commercial version.
  • No watermark or other limitation.
  • Does not expire.
  • No additional maintenance or support fees.
  • Can be used for commercial activities.
  • Upgradeable at educational prices if the owner still qualifies for educational prices.
  • Upgradeable at commercial prices if the owner no longer qualifies for educational prices.

From the EULA:

We grant you license to use the Software so long as:

  • The License is installed on a computer or virtual machine you own, lease, rent, or license.
  • The number of login sessions running the Software at the same time does not exceed the number of licenses you own.

So according to rule #1, you would have to have complete control over the machine you are using and be able to guarantee that nobody else uses Rhino on it… If you can do that, then you’re OK.

there you have it:

  • Can be used for commercial activities.

i know quite some people who bought there Rhino (educational) License when they where Students, now they use the same License for work. At my University this is one of the main reasons why everyone buys Rhino.

Yes, that’s an excellent reason and is allowed by McNeel policy. What is not allowed however is to install your Edu license on a work computer and let other people besides yourself use it. This is unfortunately often the case.

No, you may not install your educational license on a computer that you do not own, lease or rent that is not 100% under your control.

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Thanks for the confirmation. Rhino EDU license agreement is ALREADY so good I feel bad with myself for trying to exploit it further…
It would be great though if the licenses were per user (McNeel authentification already works in this way) instead of per machine

It’s not “per machine”, it’s limited to be used on one or a million owned machines, by you only.

// Rolf

Good luck proving that

A lot of what we do around here depends upon the honesty and good word of our customers.


Indeed. That´s why I keep asking my cheap-trick questions… :grinning:

For Rhino 6 owners using Cloud Zoo, an individual may access their edu license from any computer. Since Rhino 6 would require login, the individual would be the only one with permission to access the Rhino Account. Once logged in, Rhino will run on that computer.


Sorry to bother again, @jody. But I got lost with your clarification.
Does this mean that if I (and only I, as I would in no way lend anyone the Google password I use to login) use cloud Zoo for my EDU license in my employer’s computer it would be a rightful use?

Yes, if you are using Rhino 6 in Cloud Zoo, you may use on any computer.


Sorry to bother and revive the question. @jody, if I am using Rhino 7 in Cloud Zoo can I use it on my employees PC, considering that no one else besides me will use the software? Thank you.

Hello - I guess Jody’s post above yours applies to 7 as well as 6.


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If the license is in your Cloud Zoo Personal, yes you may use your license on any computer.

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