Use "Point on Curve" and timer to make animation

I am trying to use Point on Curve to trim those rectangle extrusions real-time and export animation.
I use GRay Animation Controller norm node to connect Point on Curve (as the Screenshot) but the data conversion failed from number to curve.
How can I do or there’s other way to fix it? (36.0 KB)
screen_import_631.3dm (172.1 KB)

I didn’t look at you file but it seems quite logic why it doesn’t work. Point On Curve accepts a curve as input and the parameter between 0 and 1 is given by you and your mouse.
You must use
Evaluate Length with N to true so L is between 0 and 1
Evaluate Curve with the option reparametrize on curve

Plug the normalized time on L or t.

Thanks!!! It works!!!