Point-on-curve manual input

Hi all! Might be a total newbe question, but, is there any single component that will allow for placing a point on a curve that accepts a parameter input? Basically the point-on-curve component without the slider?

I would also like to see that. :+1: but keep the slider :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s called “Evaluate Length”. Point on curve does not use parameter tho, it uses normalized length. Evaluate length will also do normalized length.

If you really need parameters there is “Evaluate Curve” component.

Keep in mind normalized length is from 0-1. So is a parameter only on a reparameterized curve but parameters are for curve domain which is not the same as normalized length. For instance 0.5 of a normalized length will be half of the curve length. 0.5 of parameter will be half of the curve domain (big difference). Point on curve uses normalized length.


Wow. Thank you @Michael_Pryor for the clear explanation!! Only wish I had asked sooner. Cheers!

I’ve tried to find a specific point with three different approaches. And I have three results.

Couldn’t explain this phenomenon.PointOnCurve.gh (10.5 KB)