Use_pdf_in_dark_mode.txt on my Desktop


A few months back I suddenly had a file named “use_pdf_in_dark_mode.txt” on my desktop.
It contained what appeared to be a GUI string. Google search did find anything on that filename.

I was clueless what process put it there.

Today I had the file appear on my desktop again and searched Google resulting in a single link to a german forum with a person that also has Rhino installed.

Since I just updated Rhino … it might be the installer/updater put it there.

Hi @JohnM I see your comment in this issue and now are certain Rhino put it on my desktop:

I’m just not sure how it appears there since I’m running Rh6 on a Windows machine
Rh7 is installed but I don’t recall touching it the last week.


I found the cause

In Rhino 6, if I right-double-click on a toolbar button, a text file appears on my desktop.

The file is save to delete if you don’t need anything related to pdf’s and darkmode.


Yep, I get them regularly here too. I delete the file but it always comes back. This is annoying, how do we shut it off?

Hi @Willem, same here. I keep deleting it over and over.


And I don’t believe I (intentionally) right double click on toolbar icons - maybe accidentally occasionally, but not with this frequency… (at least I hope not)

It’s been nagging me every now and then and I had absolutely no clue what caused the file to appear on my desktop.

I think it very unprofessional practice to put a ‘workaround feature’ like this is in an application.



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I’ve been getting it since I updated to Rhino 6. I’ve just been deleting them.

I just made a change that requires the Ctrl+Shift keys to be pressed when right mouse double clicking the toolbar button to write to the “use_pdf_in_dark_mode.txt” file. This should make it much harder to accidentally write the file. The change was committed to 6.x and will merge down into 7.x.


Hi @JohnM,

has your change made it into SR23 on Windows (6.23.20055.13111, 24.02.2020) ?

I still get this file created and can repeat that when i double right click on a toolbar icon without ever holding Ctrl+Shift. If i double right click the command line shows this:


which is obviously the content of the text file.


Hi Clement - from that YT report, you can see that this went into SR24 - which is available as a SR Candidate.

Hi @wim, ok thanks.