Use_pdf_in_dark_mode.txt on my Desktop


A few months back I suddenly had a file named “use_pdf_in_dark_mode.txt” on my desktop.
It contained what appeared to be a GUI string. Google search did find anything on that filename.

I was clueless what process put it there.

Today I had the file appear on my desktop again and searched Google resulting in a single link to a german forum with a person that also has Rhino installed.

Since I just updated Rhino … it might be the installer/updater put it there.

Hi @JohnM I see your comment in this issue and now are certain Rhino put it on my desktop:

I’m just not sure how it appears there since I’m running Rh6 on a Windows machine
Rh7 is installed but I don’t recall touching it the last week.


I found the cause

In Rhino 6, if I right-double-click on a toolbar button, a text file appears on my desktop.

The file is save to delete if you don’t need anything related to pdf’s and darkmode.


Yep, I get them regularly here too. I delete the file but it always comes back. This is annoying, how do we shut it off?

Hi @Willem, same here. I keep deleting it over and over.


And I don’t believe I (intentionally) right double click on toolbar icons - maybe accidentally occasionally, but not with this frequency… (at least I hope not)

It’s been nagging me every now and then and I had absolutely no clue what caused the file to appear on my desktop.

I think it very unprofessional practice to put a ‘workaround feature’ like this is in an application.



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I’ve been getting it since I updated to Rhino 6. I’ve just been deleting them.

I just made a change that requires the Ctrl+Shift keys to be pressed when right mouse double clicking the toolbar button to write to the “use_pdf_in_dark_mode.txt” file. This should make it much harder to accidentally write the file. The change was committed to 6.x and will merge down into 7.x.


Hi @JohnM,

has your change made it into SR23 on Windows (6.23.20055.13111, 24.02.2020) ?

I still get this file created and can repeat that when i double right click on a toolbar icon without ever holding Ctrl+Shift. If i double right click the command line shows this:


which is obviously the content of the text file.


Hi Clement - from that YT report, you can see that this went into SR24 - which is available as a SR Candidate.

Hi @wim, ok thanks.


Hi John, Can you please explain to me how I can make the change so that “requires the Ctrl+Shift keys to be pressed when right mouse double clicking the toolbar button”. Thanks

The change should be in the latest service release and not require you to do anything. Ctrl+Shift+DoubleRightClick is a mechanism designed for default.rui authors to write information to the desktop. Are you seeing a use_pdf_in_dark_mode.txt on your desktop when doing a simple right mouse double click?

Hi John,

Yes, I am seeing a use_pdf_in_dark_mode.txt file appear on my desktop, when doing a right mouse double click in the toolbar (accidentally). And in line with the commentary I have been simply deleting them. I was hoping to be able to make the issue go away. I have stuck with v6. Maybe I am not getting ‘service release’ updates. I am in New Zealand.

Thanks, John

Hi -

The fix went into 6.24 and the current version is 6.35. Either check for updates in the Rhino Options dialog box or download the current version from the website.

Thanks Wim, That appears to have sorted it out