Grasshopper to Robot export

I try to export Grasshopper model to Autodesk Robot.
But the sections fail to export. There may be some mistake in my Grasshopper definition.
I would be grateful if someone looked into my definition which I upload below in the file ‘’
Here is the prinscreen of my friend’s working Robot file. After exporting the GH model properly it should look like this:

After choosing the ‘Bar selection’ button there should be: bar 1, bar 2, bar 3 etc. (197.8 KB)

There’s some unknown components in that GH definition, and old versions of plugins that are no longer available (at least not the Yak installer cannot find them)

// Rolf

Thank you RIL!
The fact is that the file contains also the Karamba definition.
Now I realised that it is actually not a free plug-in.
Therefore, I removed the Karamba part. I left only the model geometry and the ‘GH to Robot’ definition.
Please, let me know whether you are able to open it now.
Maria13_no (131.4 KB)

Oh no, wait! Actually ‘GH2Robot’ is also not a free plug-in.
So, if you don’t have it, you can’t help me.
But anyway, thanks a lot!

Hi Maria,

As an alternative, I develop components to directly export Karamba models to Structural Analysis software including Robot. No need to manually rebuild the model, just export it as per the image.

Download ggRhinoRobot from Domain Parked With VentraIP Australia (although I might have to update, in testing just now there is a bug in the section assignment in my most recent code base, and the section seems only applied to a single member)



Thank you Jon! :slight_smile:
Sorry, I totally forgot to say thank you!

you can use Salamander3, a free plug in

But it is not connected with karamba, you have to build your definition in parallel (nodes, beams, sections, loads), I do not find better for a free integration