Use grasshopper as a slicer (like Cura for example)


I actually work on a project on 3D printing.
In this projet i have to slice 3D pieces and then after print it with 2 differents filament. (not really print but equivalent)
I firstly try to use Ultimaker Cura, i get a result, not as good as expected but working. I had to refactorize the gcode that i obtained to use it.
I actually asking myself the following question:
Is it possible to get something equivalent (or i hope better) with Grasshopper x Rhino ?) The output that i except is a gcode (not a problem if it’s not in the right gcode format, i’ll format it after with python)
My pieces are gonna be filled (i need it). I wan’t to get a full control on the filling strategy. I want to avoid some sharp angles for exemple, avoid to pass two times at the same place …
I want to import the two STL models, and then slice it with grasshopper (with choosen geomtry) and then get an output file (.txt example) with the coordinates of each point of my moves.

Do you think i can find my hapiness with Grasshopper ? (I think it is but i really need to be sure before buying)
I’m not waiting that someone give me a plugin, an extension (if it already exist it cool but i do not absolutely need it, i think that can do it by myself), i just wan’t to be sure this is possible before buying Rhino7.

Thank’s a lot for your help !

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Yes, you can use Grasshopper as a slicer, there’s even a book about the basics.
However I wouldn’t underestimate the amount of work and time to come up with a complex, functioning workflow, compared to simply popping your model into Cura or similar slicer software that has been developed for many years now.

I’d say download the trial version of Rhino first! You can test run it without limitations for 90 days.

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Thank you for your answer and for the link to the book !
I’m going to try it on the 90 days version.
It may be a hard work but unfortunatly availables slicers can’t offer me the flexibility and diversity that i need

Hope it will be a success :slightly_smiling_face:

If you have questions about Grasshopper or geometry workflows, you can always ask here.

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