(3d printing) slicing with grasshopper - infill with external program?


the 3d printer firmware marlin supports true arcs and b-spline g-code commands. This has the potential for prints with better surface finish and smoother movement. Also the step of meshing the part can be skipped and parts have truly curved surfaces instead of faceted ones.

My question is: Has someone experimented with exporting sliced geometry (curves) from GH and managed to import these layers into a 3d Printing software?
In theory you could program all the functionality ( like infill, …) also in Grasshopper, but ideally this along with printer specific settings would be handled by the external software.

My plan would be to use contour to slice a 3d model then use something like this to approximate the layer curve with a series of arcs.


I’ve printed lots of models that I previously created in Rhino (or other 3D programs), but haven’t used Rhino to generate the g-code. By the way, the g-code represents the machine commands in text format, so there generally is no “3d printing software” in between it and the 3D printer, meaning that you send your g-code file to the printer, where it is translated to machine code.

Modern open-source slicers (Cura, Slic3r, OctoPrint, etc.) also do a pretty good job and should have the above described capabilities already built-in. My prints at 0.15 usually come out quite smooth. I’ve never seen the facetting, described by your picture.

Yes, or you’d have to do it all in Grasshopper! Silkworm is a plugin that can generate g-code. Even better would probably be a custom script that would be tailored to your 3D printer.

Sounds good to me! You could use one of the above slicers or the one of your choice to generate g-code for a model of yours, open it in a text editor, and look up the different commands, to find out what they do. From there you can come up with a system to translate geometry to g-code. Well, it sounds much simpler than it probably is.