Upgrading from Rhino7 Educational to Commercial

I bought a Rhino7 Educational License as a studnet two years ago, and as not a stuende anymore, I’d like to have my company upgrade it to a commercial licence. However when I go onto my profile, it doesn’t show that I have any upgradeable licenses. Do I have to wait until Rhino 8 comes out to upgrade it? Or does my company have to buy me a whole new commercial license?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, you can’t upgrade a same version license from educational to commercial, nor can you resell your educational license. You can continue to use your V7 educational license in the company until V8 is released. At that time, you can buy a commercial upgrade to V8, then sell the upgraded to commercial license to the company if you wish.

Got it thanks!
But as I understand it’s “illegal” to use an educational license for commercial purposes/ projects right? Or does it not matter?

No, it’s legal to use a Rhino educational license to do commercial work - as long as it’s you (the license owner) that uses it.

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Wow that’s good news! thanks a lot!