Updating a c++ plugin from 6 to 7

Can I have info on how to update a plugin from v 6 to v 7 ?
basically how to reference 7 SDK (same for grasshopper) instead of v6 sdk ?


I think if you follow the first step in my write up for creating a C++ DLL, you will be able to access the Rhino 7 SDK, at least if you are on a windows machine.


Hi Terry
I have a plugin built for v5, then updated to 6
and now I need to update to 7
I just need to now where is the reference link to the sdk to update it

I would like to avoid creating a new plugin since I reference
a lot of other libraries, if I can avoid to make a new one it can save me days of work


I know how to make a new plugin , i need to update the old one if possible

Ok I think I need to to change only the propertysheet
to the Rhino7 file


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