How to make a plugin that loads in all versions of Rhino 7?

Hello and apos if this was asked before.
When I use the Rhino 7 C++ SDK to write a (file export) plugin, I can’t load it into older versions of Rhino 7 than the latest Rhino 7 Service Release.
Clearly, I want to target also those who don’t use the update service on a daily basis.
I looked into the versioning mechanisms in the Rhino 7 SDK folders but they seemed “a little opaque” to me.
How do I build a C++ plugin for all Rhino 7 versions? I guess I need to target some version of the Visual Studio C++ SDK (which one?) and a version of the Rhino 7 C++ SDK (which one), right? Anything else to know?

Use the oldest Rhino 7 SDK, for Rhino 7.0

I am not sure where to find older SR SDK downloads. @dale can you help?

Hi @mathias.fuchs,

We don’t provide links to older SDKs. The thought is that you and your users should be using newer Rhino SRs, as those are the most stable.

That said, we can get you an older SDK if you feel this is important. Let me know what version you are looking for.

– Dale

Thank you, Dale, that’s nice.
To try and be specific without having numbers of the distribution of Rhino versions , I think the SDK that targets 7.2 or 7.3 would be a good compromise and would make sure 99 percent of people will be able to load.

Let me know if this works for you.


– Dale

Yup, that worked on the first try, and is already useful, thanks - wrote a file exporter plugin for the gamma file format and tested it on Rhino 7.4. Only needed to install this SDK and now the plugin loads.