Update unkown publisher?

I am getting this message when I accept to the Rhino 7 update.

Is this normal?

Bootstrapper.exe is a funky name…

bootstrapper.exe is the file that initially runs to start the update process for Rhino. The important question here is why is the publisher unknown? How did you obtain the update: through a running instance of Rhino 7 offering the update or through downloading the update yourself from McNeel’s website?

First one.

@brian Does this make any sense to you?

@ShynnSup can you please tell me the filename of the Rhino you’re running? All of our code is digitally signed at release time. It appears that some installations of Windows 10 don’t like one of our recently-expired code-signing certificates. We’ll be releasing 6.31 tomorrow that will have newer certificates.

@brian note that this is about rhino 7 according OP.