Update license V6 Unable to refresh (cloud lisence)

This shows up every day for the initial startup.

ValidateLicense command seems to do something, but did that yesterday and still have the below warning coming up:

Any good way to solve this?

If you go into Options > Licenses, is your Lease date out a couple weeks from now or is it sooner than that?

You should be able to double click on the notification to get an explanation why this is happening.

I also see there are a bunch of tabs open… that seems like a bug to me.


@aj1, see this one for the multiple tabs…

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Does this help?
So maybe I’ll try just logging in…

Seems sooner! I’ll try to login and see what happens.

I would try running the logout command, which will close Rhino, then start V6 and login.
Does that push your offline access out to 2 weeks?

@John_Brock Thanks! That did it.
Gotten till Oct 6th. now.

Check if every few days and make sure it continues to push out to be about 2-weeks out.

Thanks. Will do.

My guess is your login on the Rhino site was expiring but it seems you weren’t getting a prompt telling you that.

I thought this was fixed in a recent service release. If you don’t bounce between computers and end up logging in and out yourself, I think this is the symptom.
Anyway, it should not happen again.