Update Eto in Rhino 6

Hello @curtisw ,
Is it possible to update the Eto library in the Rhino 6 distribution ?

Currently, version 2.5.0 released a year and a half ago is included with Rhino 6.

I am interested in using WebView2 now that IE is getting obsolete.
It’s frustrating to program with this dinosaur just for Rhino’s. Additionally, some sites no longer support IE at all, making it impossible to display them in the standard Rhino control.

Thank you, Jmv

I don’t think that’s possible without breaking other things.
We’ll see what @curtisw and @brian have to say.

Hi @kitjmv,

We are only planning on doing hot fixes for Eto in v6, and aren’t planning on including the WebView2 libraries with that release so only the IE version will be available.

To use Edge/WebView2 with Eto in Rhino, you will need to use 8.x or later.

Hope this clears things up.

Hello @curtisw, thank you for your reply,
Even in Rhino 7, the WebView2 control is not planned or is it a keyboard fault ?

That is correct; WebView2 has been added to Rhino 8 and we do not plan to add it to Rhino 7.

harff :woozy_face:
We will do with…
Thank you.