ETO Webview Technology Support

Hi everyone,

ETOs Webview support HTML, CSS and JS. However, it must be running some browser technology in the background to display its contents.

I somewhere read (don’t recall where) that the Webview is using “Webkit on mac” and “Trident/IE” on windows. Is this (still) the case, since IE has been replaced by Edge now, which - I think - is based on chromium.

In order to make sure, everything works nicely and looks the same cross platform and in order to know which technology is supported.

Has anyone more infos on that?


Hi @MartinIC,


Eto optionally uses WebView2 on Windows, which we do not include in Rhino 7 (for compatibility reasons). @curtisw could provide you with more details if needed.

WebView2 is installed with Rhino 8.

– Dale