Update automatically unrolled surfaces

Hi, is there any way to could have automatically updated unrolled surfaces when the model is changed?
I draw models witch have same design but dimensions varies a lot. Some plugin or?? I am using grasshopper, but i think it is not the right way just here.


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So, enable History for UnrollSrf, right?




Yes, it is possible?

I understand it is NOT, for now. @Pascal is specially kind in writing all our wishes down, just in case they can become real…

My 2 cents: Stick to grasshopper. It will be much more stable and lightweight than History. Or am I wrong?

It would be nice to have something like in Bongo, parent and children where you can determine which object is connected
to each other and children automatically update from parents.

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If the Bongo Animation Manager is accessible via Script it should be possible to do some tricks.

I just suggested in the other post (here) that they’d implement this Animation Manager as a general purpose Object Navigator in RH6, and if adding also the Parent Child-relationships that’d be very helpful for all kinds of redneck solution scripts.

// Rolf