Unwrap showing curves on surface?

Hi All,

I’m playing with the unwrap tool, I really like the simplicity and results from it on developable surfaces. This might be the way I can get our designers to understand unwrapping without having to deal with the esoteric science and twisted/distorted results of CG packages. Nice work guys!

So now… how do I unwrap curves on surface so I know where we want to locate our textures in model<>flat space? I guess I’m looking for something like what Unroll does: allowing me to pick curves on the surface to be unrolled, but in this case, unwrapped.



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Unless I’m missing something, I don’t see a way to keep the curves with the unwrapped render mesh. However I will file a feature request now for that ability (http://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-29159). In the meantime, I would split the surface with the curve and then join the trimmed surface back into the model. When you unwrap, don’t select this trim border as a seam and you’ll be able to see where the curve was.

thanks Brian, this is an acceptable hack, for some cases/some people. I want to elaborate more on our needs and use-case for unwrapping,show examples. Where do I do that? This topic? The feature request one, the ‘red’ forum?


Anywhere is fine, you can also email me directly with files and I’ll add them to the You Track item. I’m not sure if you can edit it directly.