Unwanted transparency!

Oh, mannnnn…

For some reason one of the objects in my file is transluscent. You can see through it, when you shouldn’t be able to. If I export the object and open it separately, it’s fine, but within the file it was originally created it’s not.

I’m running a Boxx laptop with

Rhino 5 - Windows 10 - 64 bit - NVIDIA Quadro K3100M graphics card - 16 gb ram.

I don’t see any threads on the forum about it, but wondering what might be causing this, or if anyone else runs in to this?

Looks familiar :wink: Is this in every viewport, or just in one, and is it happening in every display mode? If it is only those two objects in that viewport, you might try setObjectDisplayMode on them, and it is happening in every viewport, you might try testZBiasFactor.


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Try RefreshShade, and see what happens.


Assuming it’s not a display mode issue as Sam suggests, I see something similar from time to time with blocks (particularly with blocks containing ACIS geometry imported from dwg’s, e.g Revit exports), or when geometry is really far away from the world origin. But neither of those scenarios seem to apply given the fact that an ‘export selected’ copy displays fine (assuming your exporting to 3dm). Just spitballing here.

Hi Costa - is this a close up view in a very large scene? Also, it looks like, maybe, the misbehaving objects are extrusions - I’ve seen where extrusion wires show if the input curves had any draw order (BringToFront etc). I think this got fixed but just a shot in the dark, try ClearDrawOrder on some of these.
If the wires that you see showing through are in fact curves, and not surface edges or extrusion edges, just ClearDrawOrder on those curves.