Unveiling the Past - Historical Jewelry and Its 3D Reconstruction

Rhino User Webinar
Unveiling the Past: Historical Jewelry and Its 3D Reconstruction
July 19, 2023, at 4:00 PM CEST

This webinar will provide a brief overview of the following points:

  • The origin of the idea to reproduce the crown and the iconographic sources utilized.
  • The utilization of Rhinoceros software to develop the volumetry of the crown.
  • The importance of faithfully recreating all decorative elements and ensuring their accuracy.
  • The placement of over 200 stones, along with the design of bezels and interlocking mechanisms.
  • The crown segmentation into 72 pieces to optimize space is facilitated by a reference pattern.
  • The creation of lightweight elements to minimize the overall weight.
  • An overview of the materials used and the different phases of printing, casting, and testing of the components.

Cadia Romano, a passionate jewelry enthusiast, began her studies in Florence at the Lao school at 16. She specialized in Goldsmithing at Il Tarì and IL Perseo in Italy, as well as El taller de Joyeria in Barcelona and Central Saint Martin in London. Graduating from the University of Florence in 2010 in the ‘Culture of Fashion and Style’ Goldsmithing section. Cadia expanded her skills in sacred (thanks to Paolo Penko) and sexual (thanks to the start-up The Precious Lust) goldsmithing, enameling, engraving, lost wax, and more.

Joining the esteemed Bvlgari High Jewellery workshop, Cadia spent seven years crafting exquisite pieces while refining her 3D design and printing expertise. Today, she works as a freelance designer and shares her knowledge as a lecturer at the Accademia Italiana University in Rome.

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