Calling all jewelry designers/makers! (thesis topic)

Hello fellow jewelers! :gem::ring:

For my jewelry studies, I’ll be writing a research paper/thesis pertaining to CAD technology in the jewelry world. This project will most probably involve experimenting and creating a small range of jewely. I’ll be attending a Rhino course later on this year, but somehow have to think about a topic before attending this course (not very logical I know).

So I’ve come to ask the pros if you guys have any topic ideas that could be interesting to research and experiment with. I’ll get the ball rolling, a friend of mine suggested the following:

  • seeing how many different jewelry types and designs I can come up with within a pre-determined weight limit.
  • experimenting with different sprue layouts on CAD to optimize metal flow during casting.

Any other ideas?

Its that one almost infinitesamal?

How about how CAD has changed the way designers make their jewelry?
I have people on this forum say that it is better to be a bench jeweler or in it traditionally before using CAD. Seems you need that experinence beforehand in order to be a better designer/jeweler in CAD.
Good luck on your project.

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Similar to what @markintheozarks suggested. As a bench jeweller I see a lot of designs created in CAD that either cannot be made or if they can will more than likely have problems as they are worn.

These problems occur because the CAD designer has no understanding of how the materials work or simply does not care.

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To me this has to do with emotions. I have not felt pride over something completed in CAD the same way I have felt pride in something complex and nice I have made with my hands. Do get me right though as I have felt lots of pride and satisfaction and happyness and good old frustration-turned-to-joy moments with CAD solved projects, and CAD is a fantastic tool and a huge part of my career and workday, letting me solve stuff I could not have done otherwise, but still the stuff that I have built with my hands are all closer to my heart. So I say do both, not only one or the other.

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It still amazes me when I see a piece advertised as hand made which is obviously a CAD model. It seems the ethics are very blurred, the demand for craft products made to precision maybe driving this. Designs where the hand of the craft person is truly visible are the most beautiful - warts and all.

Having gone through 30 or so years of being a hand made Jeweler, and only learning and working in Rhino for the last 1 1/2 years, I often wonder about the feedback between the hands and the materials being formed. They inform and influence the outcome in a very deep and personnel way. Do I feel the same relationship between myself and the idea forming on the screen? Do jewelers tools in my hands form another level of influence and skill-set, the way a mouse and keyboard do not? The world is changing not only for Jewelers but also the consumer who doesn’t seem the have the same cares and sense of handmade beauty.

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