Rhino User Webinar: New Rhino 8 Features Applied to Jewelry

Rhino User Webinar
New Rhino 8 Features Applied to Jewelry
by Riccardo Pietro Visentin
8 May 2024, 16:00 (CEST)
In Italian

This webinar focuses on new features in Rhino 8 that change how jewelry is designed. These features cover both design in the narrow sense and the visualization and presentation of designs. How the new features, if well applied, enable faster work will be shown.

For design in the narrow sense, concrete examples of application and method strategies will be shown, including the targeted use of SubD and Grasshopper for the useful creation of model variants. Special focus will be on using the new PushPull command associated with the new Gumball features to quickly manage the insertion spaces of gems, serial elements, and engraved and embossed text.

For design visualization and presentation, the focus will be creating eye- catching previews to generate images and short animations for functional communication with clients.

Riccardo Pietro Visentin is a Creative Digital Designer, consultant, 3D designer, and trainer for digital innovation in multiple design areas. He has developed specific expertise in the design of jewelry, eyewear, and fashion accessories.

Specifically in jewelry design, he has been active in the field for over 40 years. He has created training and consulting paths to introduce and improve digital design and fabrication in companies in the jewelry supply chain.

He is the founder and owner of AUREASERVICE Design Studio (Est.1989), which has been an Authorized Rhino Training Center since 2005.

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