Unstable Curve Growth with Bouncy Solver

Hi there,
I´ve trying to simulate growth with kangaroo, but I´ve been having problems managing to get a stable growth with the bouncy solver. It just makes the curves go wild while running the solution. I manage to make it stable by moving damping parameters but it is too slow and the simulation is not quite the same.

proy2.gh (29.6 KB)

Any ideas of how to fix this?

You are trying to start with a huge increase in length of the segments. Instead, you need to add something to increase their length gradually.

Try this
proy2.gh (26.3 KB)

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Wow that worked perfectly. I’ll add a limit to the sequence on the c# to prevent overgrowing. Still trying to understand the relationship between the increasing numerical values coming out form the c# and the collider radius and the angle strength. For some reason I was getting different pattern results with the earlier version, longer curves and wider curve radiuses, I´ll continue to experiment on it!
Thanks Daniel!!