Unsplit sweep2 in Pufferfish

why i have this error in pufferfish Unsplit sweep?
but in rhino sweep not problem?

unsplit sweep2.gh (24.0 KB)

Unsplit can’t use polylines well as the rails curves, just the section curves, in this case I am surprised that the Rhino one works either, but the way you are doing it is kind of backwards to how a sweep should work. If you look at your result Rhino the uv topology is quite wobbly and some curved uv’s.

What you should have is the sections you use should be the rail flow and the rails you use should be the sections.

I am also not sure what you need an unsplit surface for if you are eventually filleting. Attached is how I would construct your geometry for good uv’s using Loft (since your curve setup seems tuned for lofting, not sweeping). You can in this case even use the Unsplit Loft component if you need an unsplit result. You can see here also the uv’s are straight as they should be as well.

unsplit sweep2_MP.gh (17.4 KB)

It seems that in today update Rhino 6 and 7 … sweep2 in Rhino can function as unsplit sweep on pufferfish but sweep1, loft and revolve cannot yet
all sweep2.gh (19.8 KB)

I’m sorry, I don’t understand.

Here the unsplit surfaces work as intended (on latest Rhino 6). I see you are able to divide the Native Sweep 2 but it also seems like it is an Open Brep, not an Untrimmed Surface. Are you sure the change you are seeing is not with the divide component possibly being able to now divide Breps.

Unsplits.gh (48.0 KB)

ok thanks for reply