Sweep1 on polyline creates disconnected surfaces

Hello, I’m trying to sweep few circles along a polyline, but it creates surfaces cilinders that are not connected. when i bake my polyline and circles and then sweep it in rhino it works as expected but in grasshopper it doesn’t. Do you guys have an idea how to fix this?

parametric kite software.gh (64.6 KB)

It’s because you are using a polyline for the Sweep1 rail instead of a smooth curve, as I believe you were told in this duplicate thread:

Yeah, But i need to use polyline and i do not understand why rhino is okay with using polyline but grasshopper does not.

There’s a feature named Unsplit Sweep Surfacein pufferfish plugin, but not sure this is the result that what you want exactly…

parametric kite software_reV1.gh (66.5 KB)