Unrollsrf command for sheet metal purposes?

what command should i use when i need a development plane of my part for sheet metal purposes?
rhino help says:

BlockquoteThey were not designed to be used for bending and unfolding sheet metal like duct work or for developing fabric patterns.

but actually rhino results are more accurate than solidworks ! TR-1BF5.3dm (349.7 KB)

Where did you find that quote? I can not find anything similar in UnrollSrf help.

My recollection is the help for Squish and Smash have some cautions.

it’s on rhino 5 help about unrollsrf right above title that says :Advice from an expert user

I found it. It doesn’t call out UnrollSrf specifically but rather talks about “These developable surface tools” in general. Some of the Rhino tools for creating developable surfaces from two edge curves have limitations. UnrollSrf appears to work very well for true developable surfaces with the ruling lines coinciding with one set of isolines.