Unroll with properties


I’m trying to script (python) the UnrollSrf command. However I see that Rhino.Geometry.Unroller class has no flag to keep properties of the input objects. Unlike the Command.

Am I missing something or is this to be implemented?


I think this falls into the “unexposed” category. The best we can do is provide you the index of the input geometry, given some output geometry. From this, you can figure out the Rhino object and get and copy its attributes.


– Dale


The suggested workaround should indeed suffice.


Hello Dale,
When will this resource index be available? Urgent need for this feature.
Kind regards, Peter.

Edit: Sorry. In V6… (https://github.com/dalefugier/SamplePy/blob/master/SampleUnroller.py)

This was implemented on 17 Sep 2015.