Properties for "Rhino.Geometry.Unroll.AddFollowingGeometry" output curves

Hi everyone

I tested “Rhino.Geometry.Unroll.AddFollowingGeometry” function. Is it possible to set properties for output curves (layers, color etc.). I would like them to have same properties as input curves.

I have not seen this option but maybe there is another way.

I’m using Rhino 5.

Hi Crash

Not sure if this is available in V5 as well, but in V6 the unroller has the method

Maybe this will get you on track:

Does that help?

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Hi Willem

Thanks for quick reply.
It looks good.

But only for Rhino 6 .: (

I tried to change output curves after creation but number of created items sometimes differs from input numbers. It will be hard without “FollowingGeometryIndex”.

So I need to know how many output curves are created for each input curve.
can I get this information from “Unroller”?