Unroll Surface component GH1


HI I have been hoping for an equivalent RH command “_UnrollSrf” in GH1 for a while now and wonder there will be a chance to see it on the standard GH1 components soon.

I have filled this lack by mean of a third party GH plugin ( TT toolbox - unfold component BTW ) . It works almost as well as the original RH command but I’d like to see a native GH component the perfectly reproduce the original RH command.

Any chance , any suggestion ?

many thanks



I’m using the same GH plugin for that as well. Also am hoping for a native component.

(Luis Fraguada) #3

I’ve added an issue to our tracker to add a native component for unrolling.

Here is a basic definition with a c# component that does the trick:
Unroll.gh (2.5 KB)

This makes use of the RhinoCommon Unroller class.

The code is the following:

private void RunScript(Brep brep, ref object A)
    Unroller unroll = new Unroller(brep);

    Curve[] crvs;
    Point3d[] pts;
    TextDot[] tDots;

    Brep[] breps = unroll.PerformUnroll(out crvs, out pts, out tDots);

    A = breps;


Notice that curves, points, and text dots (not natively supported in GH), can come along for the ride.


HI Luis and many thanks for the script

I will use it for the moment and wait for the native component to be available