Unroll developable surface in Grasshopper?

Which options are there in Grasshopper?
This week I was offering a training at a sailmaker company which also manufactures sprayhoods. As I was playing to automate the process, this is one of my questions.
Also the option to unroll curves on the developable surface is needed here.
Sprayhood Discourse.3dm (955.9 KB)

You can use a C# script. I found it in this forum.

Open the GH definition below while your Rhino file is open. I set the surface with the curves for you.

unroll_brep_with_curves.gh (6.2 KB)

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furthermore, there are unroller components in:

  • LunchBox
  • Opennest
  • Peakcock

Thank you Martin. Later I will take a look at it.

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Thank you Gijs. A lot to investigate :slight_smile: