Unroll or squish Voronoi on non-developable surface

Voronoi_Unroll.3dm (11.3 MB)
Hi All

Here is an interesting one.

I am trying to unroll or squish a 3d Voronoi on a non-developable surface.
I have tried all the usual approaches.
Unroll won’t work once the mesh is changed into a poly surface because I suppose it’s not a single surface so I can’t select it.
I can divide the mesh up and squish it but the results are not very acurate.

The aim is to create a flat surface that I can laser cut and then reapply onto a waffle of the original shape.

I’ve included the 3dm file as well as the grasshopper file. I would ideally like to use the thicker mesh. Not sure if it will work though.

Im not great at grasshopper but if there is an existing script Ill be very glad for it.

thank you!!!
Voronoi_3D_0302.gh (22.6 KB)