Reroll a 2d Pattern back onto a 3d Developable surface

Hi. I created a non-double curve surface. Unrolled it on XY Plane and Split it into 8 equal sheets. Then add a simple grid pattern to it and Now want to roll back the flat pattern to source surface.
I tried Map to Srf without success as it stretches the pattern to fit.
then used Surface Morph but it didn’t work neither as it need U@V domain and I don’t know How to adjust it. Any Idea of how to do it accurately? Note that the grid pattern is permanent and final pattern is a more complicated drawing combined with this grid so I need to Unroll the surface and apply drawing first.

I attached a JPEG file for clarification.

Thanks in advance.

This will be easier if you post the geometry.

Use any plug-in which has surface unroll component. It will work, because it is not a surface with double curvature. Then use Map to Surface component with your initial surface, your unrolled surface and your pattern curves and you are done.

Unroll and Map On (10.7 KB)

The “unrolled” surface on your image makes no sense. A developable surface can’t be that deformed. It should be a lot straighter.

Thanks for quick reply.
Here is the GH file with Internalized data and Rhino file. and Image Uploaded is showing the problem with map to surface component. As U can see it Stretches the circles.

Reroll (144.7 KB)
Unroll&Reroll Pattern.3dm (258.2 KB)

Oh yes… The trouble is you can do it only with Squish and SquishBack. You can find a Squish component on the forum… However there is no SquishBack one written by anybody. Your only option is doing it outside of grasshopper as far as I know.

Problem Solved.
Yeah I knew about squish and squish back but it is most useful for Double crv surfaces.
The key is to rebuild the source surface by trimming it from a main equal-perpendicular UV surface

to regulate UVs and avoid stretch.
Thank you very much! I really appreciate your help!

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This indeed does the trick :slight_smile: