Unroll Multiple Surfaces

20081019_rvb_37_Unroll_Multiple_Surfaces_Or_PolySurfaces_v1 (1).rvb (5.5 KB)


I want to be able to unroll multiple surfaces at once ready for laser cutting and I found a RhinoScript on the subject the problem is whenever I run the script it has an error message:

Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error
error: variable is undefined: ‘DeleteObject’
line: 115
char: 6

I’ve looked through the code and can’t seem to fix it. IS the something I’m missing?


That line should read


instead of

DeleteObject = strPoint

Here is a script from my library that also unrolls multiple objects if you want to try/compare…

MultiUnroll.rvb (3.0 KB)


Thanks Mitch for the quick response, perfect!


Hello Mitch,

Would it be possible if we can have the python script for Rhino for Mac users?

The plugin seems to be very useful for mass-producing laser cutting…

Million thanks!!

This is the one in my library from 2015 - I assume it will work OK, but I haven’t looked at it or used it in awhile, so let me know if there is a problem or improvement necessary…

MultiUnroll.py (7.4 KB)


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Great thanks!

Dear Mitch,

Do you still have a download to the script? The link seems not to be working. I make lasercut lamp designs. And seems like this could save me lots of time!


Hmm, the link above seems to be working for me here. Here it is again though just in case…

MultiUnroll.py (7.4 KB)

Got it. Thx!

hey guys, I am even I am trying to do a similar function of unrolling multiple(225) polysurfaces but I am not sure how to use this python script in grasshopper

could anyone guide me? what do i do with the script actually?..haha… thank you

The script isn’t designed to be used in GH, just normal Rhino where the command UnrollSrf only takes one object. However, as you can input lists of breps in GH, as far as I know, the normal Unroll component should work fine to unroll multiple objects.

Ahh, wait - there isn’t an UnrollSrf component in normal GH… Hmm, could have sworn there was. :confused:

ok great…what should I do with the script once I download it to use it? install? copy paste?

i am trying to unroll all of these pyramidical elements to laser cut and make a model

now I tried this…but I don’t know how to refer to which piece is which one

If you’re only going to use it occasionally, just copy the .py file to your desktop. Then in Rhino call the command RunPythonScript, browse to the .py file on the desktop, and hit OK. Then follow the command prompts given by the script to select your objects and options.

the script worked like magic thank you so much :slight_smile: