Unreal Engine Artifacts - FBX

Hi, very new to Unreal, I am trying to export an fbx file from Rhino, and I am getting Artifacts on my geometry in Unreal, anyone have much experience working between the two and had the same issue. It seems when I scale up it reduces it, but I’ve tried using various scales and chagning the units in the appearance setting on Unreal, but nothing seems to work. artifact

Did you baked lighting in UE4 or something?
Anyway, right now, better way to move from Rhino to UE4 is through Datasmith than fbx. It can imort Rhino files directly.

If you can post your Rhino file, or just a piece of geometry I can try import it into some blank UE4 file and check.

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Nah that’s a screenshot from Unreal, I just direct imported and got it autmatically map its lighting UV, oh okay I’ll have a look at that, thanks.

Sure thanks! This is just a file that I was also having trouble with. Opera House.3dm (817.3 KB)

Using Datasmith worked! Thanks heaps for that.

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