Unit Tolerance + Dimension String & Box Edit = Not Equal?

I’ve been battling some dimension issues, specifically anywhere between 1/32" to 3/32" and now I’ve found this discrepancy.

Note that I pulled the dimension string (on right) by typing in 10’-0".

Hello- please post a file with that object and the dimension, and I’ll see if I can tell what is going on.


Thanks, @pascal. Could you remind me of the email to use if I can’t post it publicly? Thx

Hello - send to tech@mcneel.com - all we need is the object and the dimension, not the whole project.


Was able to recreate with a simple square. Thx

DimensionAccuracy_AlanFarkas_211118.3dm (144.8 KB)

Any movement on this as of yet? (Not pushing, just checking in :slight_smile: )

Hm, maybe I do not understand the problem yet- I see a sqare that is 1.25 units in both directions - the dimensions and the BoxEdit info are not ad odds with that as far as I can see… what should I be looking for?


Ah. Yes, well you saw what it did on my end-
Sorry, had to bail on my comment…So, on my end it shows the BoxEdit diff than the dimension string

Anything to be done to fix this. It’s been a real problem.

Thx as always