Unistall adds-on from Grasshopper

Hi, i am very new to Grasshopper and installed add-on Pufferfish before I even started to learn Grasshopper (I know I am being gready). And now whenever i tried to open rhino models in Grasshopper I always have the Pufferfish interface, is there any way to remove the Pufferfish from Grasshopper? I have tried delete it from special folder and re-install Grasshopper, but it’s not working. Thanks

Open Rhino models in Grasshopper? That’s not even possible. Pufferfish interface? There is no Pufferfish interface. Screenshots would really help here? Anyway to remove plug-ins you just remove the .gha file from the Special Folders > Component Folder. Then restart Rhino.

You opened a pufferfish file. Presumably all you have are the standard components since the plugin was uninstalled, but the image you see is part of of the file.

You’ll need to create a new file if you want to do something else than before, not open up an existing file and modify it until it does something else.

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Yea as David said. You are just opening a pufferfish GH example file. That drawing is not a part of pufferfish - it is just a drawing I inserted onto the example file. Go to File > New and open a new gh file.

Hi. I tried to rebuilt the model in new file, but when I open Grasshopper to edit curve i still have Pufferfish. is it possible to use Grasshopper to edit my rhino model without Pufferfish? Thanks

You are very confused. There is no pufferfish there, I repeat No Pufferfish. That is grasshoppers “recently opened files” menu. Just add any component to the canvas and it goes away. It says Pufferfish cuz those are the last files you opened. Once you start making and saving or opening new files that green menu will be those more recent files, has absolutely nothing at all to do with Pufferfish.

See these are my recently used files:

They are just a shortcut to recent files incase you want to quick open them again by selecting one. If you just add any component to the canvas that menu goes away. like this:

I cannot stress enough that I strongly think you should look at some intro to Grasshopper videos and blogs. This should help you understand Grasshopper’s interface. http://blog.ramboll.com/rcd/tutorials/a-beginners-guide-to-visual-scripting-with-grasshopper.html