Unify/join overlapping curves into one continuous curve

I was wondering if there is a way to create one continuous curve from several overlapping curves such as in a Make2D output.

SelDup does not really work as the curves are overlapping but not exactly the same length.
Join works only to some point. It either gives me some longer overlappig curves or one continuous curve with shorter curves overlapping.

I am working with a very complex Make2D graphic and I really don’t want to spend days sorting out curves.

Does anyone have a way to work around this?

CurveBoolean might help if the curves represent closed areas…

I didn’t know about CurveBoolean . Unfortunately most of my curves are open.

Hello - if the multiple curves form a closed loop, CurveBoolean should be able to handle it. If the curves do not form a closed loop, it might still be simplest/quickest to add some to close it and then tidy up after the CurveBooelan.