UseExtrusion Issue

When i set UseExtrusion to Polysurface in the newest WIP any kind of extrusion creates a strange not fully explodable object. is that intended? but a normal box as seen on the right side of the first image creates a proper polysurface.

the perimeter is one single not explodable surface which just got folded around the corners with one seam. seems strange to me, cant imagine that this is normal… any thoughts?

What commands did you use to create the object with the problem? Can you post the .3dm file?

sounds like your _CreaseSplitting setting has been turned off by the little gremlin that does things like this on occasion.

try running the above command and set ‘Split along creases’


thanks Jeff, recently you are helping me a lot out of goofy situations. working with rhino for quite some time, but still seem to stumble into such traps which i never new existed.

no problem.

just exact situations i’ve been in as well so glad to pass on the info i’ve been given.