Unhelpful Error Message When Loading GH

This has started happening when I load GH…

I’m guessing this is a trial period for some plugin but I can’t think of any plugins that I have on a trial!

Any ideas of how to track this error down or is it just a case of going through plugins one by one?

I think it’s Karamba.

Thanks for the reply, but I don’t have Karamba installed!

Looks like Biber and Hal also have components called disassemble. Do you have either of them installed?

Ah, yes, I have Biber! Thanks!
So loading errors starting “object:” will always be for specific components?
I hadn’t realised that “Disassemble” would be the name.

I am also getting this message on GH boot. … and the Dissasemble component is now not working in Biber.
do you know of any fix?

Hi -

You need to uninstall that plug-in by removing its files from the folder that you installed it in.