Unfold Brep along shortest edge

Hi there,

I’ve got few pyramids that I need to recreate from paper.

I’ve managed to unfold breps with Python script but it unfolds pyramids alond random edges. Some of the pyramids are unfolded along the longest edge and others along the shortes. Is there a way of unfolding them all always along the shortest edge so that the cutting/ glueing line is not visible in paper model?

I’ve tried to do it before with Ivy but couldn’t make it work either. Any help would be much appreciated. Rhino and Grasshopper files attached.

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Nothing attached. May your upload went wrong.

Good point! Missing files:

pyramids.gh (78.0 KB) pyramids.3dm (395.0 KB)

Has this ever been solved? I’m having a similar problem.

No, not yet

Here are my 2 cents via Anemone…

UNROLL_final.gh (79.2 KB)


Sorry, I’ve been away for a while and haven’t seen your post but it works beautifully. Thank you so much!

You are welcome. :slight_smile:

I oversaw some “ears” overlappings; that is solved in this version.

UNROLL_final_v2.gh (97.4 KB)

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Awesome! Thank you so much. It’ll save me a lot of time of trimming these ‘ears’ by hand. Much appreciated.

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does it work with 5 sides base pyramids ? The output looks like an image, would it be possible to have curves as output ?