Unexpected token '<newline>'

I am trying to work with @piac 's GHPY example, but I am having problems compiling. This is a new problem that I hadn’t had before. It seems to be complaining about my formatting, but I can’t see anything wrong. I can’t find anyone else having the same problem. [UPDATE: error is actually in the “Axes.py” script - see my following comment]

No need to answer this one…

This is actually reporting an error in the “Axes.py” script that I had edited and had left a function definition without the colon (:). The confusing thing is that it doesn’t tell you which file the error is in and give the line number of the error, which is what I would normally expect from Python.

Yeah, these are the facilities we have to work with… If you are starting a project from scratch, and it does not need to be in Python, you could also use C#. For large projects, that’s what I would recommend.

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Or use @stevebaer’s Python stubs in Pycharm…?

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@piac: thanks for your help.

I am a structural engineer and I mainly write little bits of code to “scratch itches”. As a result I do not have much time to learn C#, although I am planning to take a basic course.