Unexpected lighting changes when loading environment

I’m on a Macbook Air M1, and something strange is happening.
The basic environment is the Studio environment. In raytrace mode the general lighting is white. When I switch to Studio D, it turns all yellow. Then when I switch back to Studio, the lighting is now all greyish.
Is that the Macbook unable to handle things or what?
Thank you

Hello - if you save, close Rhino and re-open it all, does it look like it did to begin with?


Hello Pascal,
Yes if I close and re-open, it does look like it did in the beginning.
Also, I’m on Big Sur. Should I upgrade to Monterey?

There is no need to uprgade, what you see is correct. Instead of changing environment in the environments panel it is maybe clearer to do that in the rendering panel.

In the first panel you have a solid white background for environment, the default studio is set to be the custom reflection and custom skylight environments.

In the second you have the Studio D set to background, but custom reflection and custom skylight are still set to the default studio.

In your last one you have default studio set for all: 360° env (backdrop), custom reflection and custom skylight.

addendum: the colored corners in the environment thumbnails tell you what an environment is used for: blue = skylight, red = reflection, yellow is background (360°).

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OK thanks a lot. I’m confused because in the first case the background color is set to grey.

I am pretty sure that for a default file it is set to solid white. Change to the rendering panel to see what I mean. From the thumbnail of the environment in your first screenshot you can tell it is set only as custom reflection and custom skylight environment.