Uneven Rectangle Subdivision

Hello guys!

Is there anyone who has this subdivision script cause i cant find the page on the site.

Thank you!!

Didn’t you find the link of the download page in your reference? Visit here…

Yes i visit the site but i cant find the specific post.

just scroll five times down and there it is … Called Uneven Subdivision. In the Picture is a green sruface with Grey brackground…

I think that the post you talking about is an uneven subdivision script too but different from what i am looking for.
I think that maybe the post there isn’t anymore on the site so I hope someone have the script.

It’s the same script… What you’ve seen is maybe something else added to it…

Yeah i agree with you that maybe there is something else added to this script but this one ( which is on the site ) create random rectangle subdivisions only in one axis. Either U or V. The one i am searching for creates a totally random subdivisions and i don’t have the knowledge to adjust anything to the first script in order to do what i want.

Then, It’s the time of another Google for you. Good luck…:wink:
And you might want to see other topics in this discourse including bellow…

Uneven_Subdivision_2018Mar30a.gh (20.4 KB)

Getting uneven divisions in both directions is more complicated!

Thank you guys!
Yes I know this is why i was searching for the script i mentioned before.

Uneven_Subdivision_2018Mar30b.gh (30.0 KB)

P.S. re-posted wiih two Seed sliders.

Thank you Joseph!
It was very helpful!

When I connected a gradient color preview and explored different ‘Seed’ settings, I noticed a sorted pattern, not random… due to a ReMap error.

Uneven_Subdivision_2018Mar30b.gh (30.0 KB)

So made a small change to fix it(?), and an off-by-one error.

Uneven_Subdivision_2018Mar30c.gh (29.6 KB)

Later… I dropped something in versions ‘b’ and ‘c’ that I shouldn’t have., A Series of seed values so each subdivision has a unique sequence of random numbers. Remembered to internalize my surfaces this time!

Uneven_Subdivision_2018Mar30d.gh (32.5 KB)


Thank you very much Joseph for your time! Perfect result… i will try to understand the logic behind your script.

The issue of a unique seed for each subdivision vs. using the same seed for all is so interesting that I added a switch between the two states (cyan group). When the same seed is re-used, edges are aligned across subdivisions, which takes some thinking to explain… It happens because the numbers are generated in random sequence and sorted, leaving gaps in shorter lists but using the same values.

Uneven_Subdivision_2018Mar31a.gh (37.7 KB)

The other error I made, effectively sorting the subdivisions by size, is also interesting and a valid objective. Subtle changes, critical differences!


Thanks Joseph :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: