Undo User Text


is it a deliberate decision that setting User Text to objects is not included in the undo stack?
When I set a user text to some object and hit Undo afterwards, whatever I had done before becomes undone while the User Text remains. This happens no matter if I set the text through command or via script.


This seems like an oversight to me - I’ll add it to the bug pile. However, I do get the user text undone as well, here. Can you confirm?

Make an object. Move it. SetUserText. Undo. The Move is undone and GetUserText gets me nothing, so far.



Hi Pascal,

thanks for looking into it. You are right, the user text does get undone. However, in my setup, the action preceding SetUserText did not affect the object I set the user text to, and in this case the user text remained even after undo - up to the point where I undid the last change to the object in question. Presuming that user text is not handled by undo at all, this makes sense, as the object is only then replaced with its previous version. Redoing that change accordingly brings the user text back immediately.
Anyway, thanks for adding it as a bug.