No undo for usertext panels

(Willem Derks) #1


I found that editing the usertext via the panels does not get an Undo recording.


(Travis Serio) #2

Thanks @Willem I will make sure that gets taken care of.

(Brian Gillespie) #3

RH-39669 is fixed in the latest WIP


Hi @Trav and @pascal,

i am sorry to warm this up but it seems that editing a user text value from the panel supports undo/redo, however, deleting does not undo/redo properly. If i have an object without key & value pair, then add a key and create a value for it, then highlight the row in the panel and click on delete, then undo, only the key returns, the value is gone.


(Travis Serio) #5

@clement I am able to reproduce this. Thanks for spotting.


Hi @Trav, it looks like SetDocumentUserText requires some love as well…


(Travis Serio) #9

@clement I was able to wire up the proper Attribute Text undo record yesterday and @wim is testing it now. The document text undo record is on the wish list and needs implemented in the RhinoCore which probably wont happen until v7.0

Here’s the YT for Document User Text undo