Boolean subtraction. A way back?

Because I had other levels of my building hidden, I didn’t realize my subtract-solids operation had damaged them. Unfortunately there is a lot of subsequent work that I would like not to lose. I think VA/Rhino remembers these boolean solids operations and that there is a way to recover the solid of subtraction but can’t turn anything up via searches – “recover solids” or something (?).
I have tried rebuilding the obliterated parts, but VA knows they were removed before and doesn’t like it when I try to recreate them. I need to get in there and make it forget the operation. Maybe it is even possible to recover the removed objects.
Can someone provide the right search terms here?

Hi @stefank2,

I think you are referring to vaExtractSolids command.



That worked. I was able to reach back in time and undo the subtraction. Gracias.